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EDIT: I have been informed that I can have several MORE keys to give out, so expect them to trickle out one at a time throughout the day starting mid-afternoon, PST (November 15). Check the two social media pages linked below and follow the ModDrop Facebook page for even better odds!

(The reason I am no longer giving specific times is due to spreading these keys between breaks in my work day, also the time zone I live in)

To redeem your Torchlight Frontiers Alpha key: Download the Arc Client from, log in to the client, then Library tab > click Activate a Product. This might also work:

Hello all! Excited for the Torchlight Frontiers closed Alpha this weekend? Oh, what's that, you didn't get a key? Well TOMORROW may be your lucky day! I woke up this morning and went from ZERO Alpha keys to THREE Alpha keys, which means I have two spares to give away. I have decided that at roughly 8 PM PST tomorrow (23 hours from now) I will share one key on the RGF Twitter and one key on the RGF Facebook page.

There will be only one key on each feed and it is first come first serve, so GOOD LUCK!