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    Torchlight 1 Mod Spotlight: Emberfiend

    Some mods just amaze you with the amount of content they add and the quality with which they are made.

    One such mod is the Emberfiend mod for Torchlight 1, made by Ehb way back in mid-2012. Just get a load of what it gives you:

    • Expanded areas around the town of Torchlight (including a library and a tavern!)
    • Healing shrines around the town of Torchlight
    • 14 different companions to journey with you. You can hire them in the tavern (where else?)
    • A versatile crafting system complete with interactive resource nodes for gathering, NPC merchants for recipes, interactive crafting stations
    • Craftables include tomes and glyphs which grant you skills when equipped in the skill hotbar
    • Some additional quests which use new randomly-generated dungeons.

    Rediscover this gem of a mod! Download it from RGF or directly into ModDrop mod manager

    Torchlight 1 Mod Spotlight: Emberfiend-2018-12-26-09_15_03-torchlight-jpg

    Torchlight 1 Mod Spotlight: Emberfiend-2018-12-26-09_15_27-torchlight-jpg
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