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    New Downloads and Recently Updated Downloads List are the same

    I've been spamming the "Contact Us" feed back function for quite some time now, I think I've reported 3 times already about this but I noticed posting a thread seems to get an attention quickly. So yeah, like the title says. The New Downloads and the Recently Updated Downloads have been listing the same items, more technically the Recently Updated Downloads is just a copy of the New Downloads.

    I clearly remember back in the day that this is not was it is supposed to be, the most recent change gets the top list of Recently Updated Downloads.

    I'd like to thank ModDrop too for taking over RGF, I started updating my mods November 2016 and it would have been a sad day for me if I suddenly found out that this site was gone.

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    Re: New Downloads and Recently Updated Downloads List are the same

    I now suspect that the Contact Us must be broken somehow. :/ I'll take a look at the sidebar as well and get back to you. Thanks for the support!

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