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    Hob's Pak Extractor Comments Thread

    Webbstre has just uploaded Hob's Pak Extractor!

    I found this on a Russian website for Rogue Galaxy, but fortunately the tool works just as well for Hob as it did for that game!

    To use:
    1- Extract RG_unpack.exe in your (Install Location)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hob\PAKS folder.
    2- Drop DATA.PAK onto RG_unpack.exe.
    3- Wait a long while for it to extract!

    At the time of this upload we don't know what to do to change these files and turn them bac... (continued here)

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    Re: Hob's Pak Extractor Comments Thread

    Is there any new information about how to extract the models and textures into usable formats? I'm struggling to find anything useful.

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